NSJV Fudoshin

Essential information for non-Dutch visitors

This is the non-Dutch page for the student judo association NSJV Fudoshin in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Hopefully, you can find all necessary information here. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact the board via nsjv.fudoshin@gmail.com or through any other channel listed below.

Training and courses

With judo at the Radboud Sports Centre, we have a distinction between courses and training organised by our association (henceforth called "training"). The courses are organised by the sports centre, and require a subscription via their website. The trainings are freely accessible for every member of NSJV Fudoshin. Refer to the table below for the training schedule.

Day Type Time
Monday Beginners course 18:00 - 19:15
Monday Intermediate course 19:15 - 20:30
Monday Club training (randori) 20:30 - 22:00
Wednesday Club training 20:15 - 21:45

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First time and exams

In case you don't have a judo suit (gi) yet, you can borrow one. For the courses, there is a small stash of gi present, which can be lent out by the instructor. These gi must handed in afterwards, so they can be washed. If you are interested in joining NSJV Fudoshin, you can join for a trial lesson. If you don't have a gi for the training, you can let us know through nsjv.fudoshin@gmail.com and we will try to find one for you. Please mention your length in centimeters as well, as the gi sizes are determined by length.

Our instructor is allowed to grant judo belts up to a brown belt. We have exams twice per year, where you can try for a higher belt. The belts are: white (beginner, 6th kyu), yellow (5th kyu), orange (4th kyu), green (3rd kyu), blue (2nd kyu), brown (1st kyu), black (1st dan). After the first dan, you can advance to second dan and so on.
You can start at NSJV Fudoshin at any rank, and can train to become a higher belt judoka. We also have a possibility for black belts to train for their next dan.

Our association

The board

In the year 2021-2022, the board consists of chair Mayte van Dop, secretary Marloes Middelink and treasurer Sipho Kemkes. The board oversee our committees, join meetings of overarching associations, keep in touch with the sports centre and generally run the association. They are also the people of contact for all association-related questions. They manage nsjv.fudoshin@gmail.com and are approachable through this address or any channel listed below. Official (Dutch) documents can be found under "Het bestuur Documenten".

The committees and activities

Besides judo training, NSJV Fudoshin organises a whole host of other events. We have our 'regular' activity committee, who organise end-of-year barbecues, drinks, indoor trampoline dodgeball and a lot of other fun activities. We also have our own news and promotion committee, as well as a committee dedicated to our participation in the annual 'Batavierenrace', the biggest relay race in the world. Furthermore we have the camp committee, who organise the best weekend of the year. That weekend, a group of members enjoy themselves with (family) games, activities, theme nights and more. Each year gives rise to new stories, inside jokes and more. If you ever needed an extended family, look no further.


Have we peaked your interest and you can't help but want to join us? We understand. Contribution for a full year is only €30,-, and every period this reduces with €7,50. So for a half year, contribution is only €15,-. Still not convinced? Check our photo gallery below to see what kind of activities we organise and what we do. If you are interested, you can fill in our registration form. If you have filled it in, please hand it in to one of us personally, or mail it to us at nsjv.fudoshin@gmail.com.


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We play games...
We train hard...
... and we reward ourselves with a drink

Contact information

FudoshinlogoNSJV Fudoshin can be reached through the following channels.


Mail must be sent to the Radboud Sports Centre, at the address of NSJV Fudoshin

Radboud Sportcentrum
Heyendaalseweg 141
6525 AJ Nijmegen


E-mail: nsjv.fudoshin@gmail.com
Facebook: NSJV Fudoshin
Instagram: nsjv.fudoshin

In person

At least one board member is present at every training. This holds for both the courses as well as the association trainings. Go to the dojo in the sports centre around training times and ask for the board.